I was reminded a couple of times over this last weekend (firstly on Saturday whilst I was walking with members of the Church and passed a waterfall and secondly when Helen read from Isaiah 61 in the service on Sunday morning) of something God spoke to me about on 26 August 1997.

I was at the Grapevine Conference in Lincoln over the August Bank Holiday and after we finished singing a song that ended “this is where I need to be” a man called David was invited onto the stage by Stuart Bell. David spoke of how he had been  seated by a waterfall with his wife and as they got up to go he noticed a forget-me-not planted on a rock by the waterfall. (As David was speaking, I felt that God was saying that I was like that forget-me-not planted on the rock by the waterfall.) David said he had thought he would like to pick up the forget-me-not and move it to somewhere it looked more fitting to him, but he felt that God said to him that he had planted it there for his splendour (as in Isaiah “61:3 ……. a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendour”).

At that time, I had been in Lincoln for a couple of years and had felt that people might be saying “what is she doing here”, but I was greatly reassured by David’s picture and word of encouragement.

I read that the forget-me-not had been used as a symbol of remembrance for people who died in battle and I therefore think of it as a “warrior” flower. I think of being rooted on (drawing my sustenance from) the rock, being symbolic of Jesus (as in the words of the hymn “On Christ the Solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand”, which comes from Matthew 7:24-27).

And, I think of the waterfall as being symbolic of the Power of the Holy Spirit, whom Jesus left as our Counsellor and Comforter, Helper and Guide. The next few days may be a bit difficult, but I know that God has not forgotten me and will be with me by the power of the Holy Spirit and will give me the words to speak.

On my Whitsun (Pentecost) holiday to North Wales in 1965 (a few months after I had been confirmed), we visited Swallow Falls on 10 June. On that same date, thirty two years later, in 1997 I started my journal. God’s perfect timing.

I am also reminded, via the date God spoke to me in 1997, of Romans 8:26 (NIV) “In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.”


About jacquismith

I am a born again Christian (a follower of Jesus). I know that God loves me and He has a good purpose for my life. Psalm 139 tells me that He knew me before I was born and that every day ordained for me was written in the book before one came to pass. I know that I was put on this earth for a purpose and that my main purpose is simply to worship God. I hope you enjoy reading of some of the ways God has spoken to me through my life...
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