Blessed Assurance, Jesus is Mine

Jesus Wept

Jesus Wept

I was reminded of this a few days ago when Ata, our tour guide from my first visit to Israel/Palestine in 2000, posted a photograph of the view from the window of the Dominus Flevit church on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. This is the church supposedly built on the site where Jesus looked out over Jerusalem and wept Luke 19:41-21.

As we were queuing up to visit the Dominus Flevit church in 2000, I heard the Polish tourists inside the church singing and I recognised the tune from my Sunday School days as a child, but was unable to remember the words; so had to carry the tune in my head all day until I was able to check with another member of the tour in the evening.

The song was “Blessed Assurance, Jesus is mine” and some of the words say “this is my story, this is my song” and indeed my BLOG is part of my story and VERY often God speaks to me through song. And, I hope that my BLOG will be part of serving my Saviour all the day long.

I once was lost, but now I am LOST IN HIS LOVE



About jacquismith

I am a born again Christian (a follower of Jesus). I know that God loves me and He has a good purpose for my life. Psalm 139 tells me that He knew me before I was born and that every day ordained for me was written in the book before one came to pass. I know that I was put on this earth for a purpose and that my main purpose is simply to worship God. I hope you enjoy reading of some of the ways God has spoken to me through my life...
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