I am a born again Christian, on an adventure with God.


6 Responses to About

  1. Natalie Nussey says:

    Hi Jaquie,
    It’s fantastic to read your Blog. I look forward to reading the next post. I was at the baptism too on Saturday it was a beautiful evening. I pray that as Jesus continues to hold your hand your stories will encourage and strenthen others to see the way He is always there in the most intricate and intimate of ways. He is so AMAZING and worthy of all Praise and Glory.

    Bless you my friend and sister in the Lord
    xx xx

  2. Helen Murray says:

    Thankyou for finding my blog because it has helped me find yours! What lovely inspiring stories of God at work in your life. I’m finding it a wonderful, scary, surprising, emotional, exciting journey and it’s great to find new brothers and sisters in Christ. I shall be rummaging through your posts!

  3. Thank you Jacqui for finding my blog so that I could in turn find yours. The Lord keeps speaking to me in dreams and visions and I know there is a battle over the mind and the Author is also the Finisher of our faith and having you connect in this way today, was confirmation to “keep on” walking by faith and trusting in the One who made me this way as He grows me up in His love which is the only way to really live.

  4. George says:

    Love your blog. May God bless you.

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