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Darkness to Light – Colossians 1:13

My first dance with John Wilson (when I met him at my cousin John Jeffers’ wedding on 10th January 1987) was to “New York, New York”. On September 11th 1999 my mother died. On September 10th 2001 (my wedding anniversary) … Continue reading

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I was originally led to Plymouth in July 2009. There were several things that attracted me there: The Pilgrim Fathers left from there aboard The Mayflower on 16 September 1620: I originally met my friend James, in Lincoln on St Botolph’s … Continue reading

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13 May

According to, on this day in 1940 Winston Churchill (interesting that his surname begins “Church”) became Prime Minister and announced his policy “to wage war, by sea, land and air, with all our might and with all the strength … Continue reading

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At Christmas 1993, I had an overwhelming desire to buy a new duvet cover set from Marks & Spencers. The design was called Iona: The Labour Leader, John Smith, died at 9:15 a.m. on 12 May 1994 and I remember … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on St Botolph and Boston

17 June is St Botolph’s Day. My first temp assignment in 1995 was in Boston where my boss was Mr Mather (same name as my headmaster in my secondary school, where my school motto was “Give All”). At that time … Continue reading

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